Our main strategic goal is to develop near and long-term production growth through leveraging our current production and exploration licences in the South Turgay basin, as well as obtaining new permits for further development. Our focus is divided between driving production through improving processes, and further exploration of reserves throughout the basin.

Oil Production Strategy

Equus and KTS plan to increase production volumes through drilling further wells throughout the licensed area. The Group intends to continue to introduce new technologies that will help improve the production process, including increasing the volume of water injection. With a focus on technical excellence, intelligent asset management, and operational efficiency, we aim for continued production growth in both the short, and long-term.

Oil Exploration Strategy

We are focused on the aggressive exploration of possible reserves throughout our licensed area. KTS has already obtained a number of pilot production and exploration licences for reserves throughout the South Turgay basin. Through 3D Seismic Imaging, we hope to identify, test and evaluate further resources within this area. Throughout this process, we will focus on discovering frontier basins that will derive exceptional value.


Equus Petroleum Plc is dedicated to organisational sustainability, developing long-term strategies for business growth. In this domain, we aim to further improve our licence portfolio through developing and enhancing current licences, as well as obtaining new ones. Our extensive knowledge of the Kazakh oil production licensing process and vast network throughout Kazakhstan ensure that we have the perfect placement to take advantage of both new and existing licence opportunities.